Rick’s credentials are pretty impressive by any standard…

They include 2 Senior Full Instructorships under Dan Inosanto (Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do & the Filipino Martial Arts), a 5th level Maphilindo Silat Instructorship under Guro Inosanto. He is a regional director for the Thai Boxing Association, U.S.A. and holds the level of Ajarn (Senior Instructor) in Muay Thai under Grandmaster Chai Sirisute.

He also holds instructorships in Wing Chun Gung Fu, Sensei Erik Paulson’s C.S.W. curriculum (Combat Submission Wrestling) and numerous other arts.  He’s also Mick’s main instructor though this is not always on his CV.  In this episode they talk about how Rick is using martial arts to help in more ways than just surviving a fight.

A Bit More From Mick

Where do I start?

Well, Sifu Rick is single handedly the main guy I can thank for my progression in the JKD/Kali fraternity, so he’s also to blame for me being inflicted on the aforementioned fraternity… So he’s the guy to send your complaints to!

I’ve often said how I now count former heroes of mine as friends these days, but trust me.. If someone had told a 16 year old Mick Tully he would one day be a student and friend to someone like Rick, I’d never of dreamt it to ever come true.
Rick was an easier interviewee, as we’ve had so many road trips together, mused and pondered so many subjects and ruminated over a number of beers, it was a case of just hitting record.

I’ve several great stories that we didn’t have time to discuss, so he’s yet another target I’ll pin down again. Only one I’ll share here is that before Rick married his gorgeous wife Marla, he was living at a pretty cool bachelor pad, which he let myself and my good friend Sid stay at.. Rick said the fateful words, ‘make yourselves at home’. What I didn’t realise what that was more a figure of speech, and not a literal request, as I found out whilst relaxing in his pool, in his inflatable pool chair, drinking his beer… And wearing one of his hats!

Seriously though, a great man to whom I’ll always be indebted.