Growing up


After 36 years in training, Scott Caldwell sits down with Mick and talks all things I first became of this gentleman due to a story I thought was an urban legend, he’d been employed as a body guard by a well known martial artist, the identity of whom I’ve never found out. I then met him on a number of occasions through our mutual friend Russell Jarmesty, like Russ another larger than life character and a force of nature more than man!

During our first couple of meetings this enigmatic individual said I was one of the only guys ‘he couldn’t weigh up’, we’ve since discovered that it was a case of one shark meeting another and not realising it wasn’t a mirror!

They say that inside every person that there’s the internal battle between good versus evil, so it’s actually reassuring to meet someone who’s prepared to admit that the devil gets to hold sway over them most of the time.. yep, it’s the caged devil himself.. Mr Scott Caldwell.

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