Protector Of All

This shows guest was somebody I knew before I ever actually met him, now I know that doesn’t really make sense to some, but if you’ve ever met someone who’s as larger in life than most then you’ll know where I’m coming from.. this gentleman was the brains behind the legendary lake Owen martial arts camp in Wisconsin , which in turn morphed into the equally legendary MKG summer camp. There’s not many who’d have the courage to put on a camp with some of the worlds best martial artists, financed by themselves, and all because they fancied hanging out with cool people. He’s a guy who’s easily one of the best martial artists I know, one of the coolest people I know, and being one of the lone star states finest one of the most larger than life people I know, then again everything’s bigger in Texas!

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the one and only Mr Peter Hetrick.

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