The Show

The premise is very simple:

Mick trains with someone who does martial arts, then interviews them. Sometimes it’s someone he’s trained with for many years, sometimes it’s the first time they’ve met. And we record it.

Press play below to┬áhear┬ámore about it from Mick himself…


Mick Tully

CSP technique shots-4I first started training in wado-ryu karate in 1985 under the late great Sensie Jim O’Brien in Coventry, but due to getting my ass kicked every week by one of his bullying brown belts i was keen to learn skills instead of being a punchbag for a douchebag. This led me to meeting my only Karate Sensie that I ever graded under, Mr Andy Margrett. A great man, from the old school.. Who’s still kicking ass to this day. I should add this was also the start of my less than stellar karate competition career… I sucked at it, but enjoyed it immensely. Through Andy and Sifu Alan Hine I met Geoff Thompson, which in turn led me to meet my dearest friend Al Peasland… An event to change both of our lives forever!

Fast forward to 1993 and I found myself working in Germany, which in turn led me to continue my karate, and my first taste of Thai boxing and Wing Chun. I also started training in Japanese Jiu-jitsu, and with the emergence of mma I started looking at more grappling.

I’d always been a huge Fan of guys like Dan Inosanto, Rick Faye, Bob Breen and possibly the most inspirational of all my teachers Terry Barnett. But at the time I was still just reading about these men in magazines.. Never dreaming of even meeting, let alone training with them. I continued my training after returning from Germany, and one day at a gym in Coventry I saw a sign advertising Thai Boxing, it was there I met Lucky Madahar, who was hosting Guro Rick Young that weekend. After seeing Rick in action, I knew exactly what I would spend the rest of my life training in. At that first seminar I also met my travelling companion and training partner Josh Siddiqui… A man instrumental in getting me to where I am today.

Speaking of today, I now am blessed to be able to represent the following great men;

  • JKD and Kali
  • Apprentice instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto
  • Full instructor under Guro Rick Faye
  • Full instructor under Guro Terry Barnett
  • Instructor under Michael Wright in JKD/SRS/PFS

I’m also…