The Fight Club Formula

It’s nearly 30 years since Al Peasland’s big sister first beat up Mick, and that was just the start of their friendship and training together.  In this bumper length show they discuss those formative years in karate, the instructors that inspired them to move onwards and upwards and Al’s involvement in what became known as the real life fight club – the infamous Animal Days.  Both the benefits of hard graft and also those moments where they desperately sought excuses to not train.

We learn that with a little hindsight Al may have have made his way as a professional boxer, and they use a house analogy to define what makes a good instructor.

Outside of the arts we find out how he manages to balance his training with his job in a glamourous sport we can’t mention, and exclusively Al reveals the one thing you need to know to get into MENSA.

There’s also something you probably shouldn’t listen to if you work for the DVLA