Farewell Tour

The picture sums up just what a scoundrel this shows guest is…

Tony Pillage is actually the only person to warrant a 2nd show in the history of the micks martial arts podcast. In this episode we sit down and basically try to figure out how surreal it is that we are conversing normally whilst discussing how the spectre of cancer looms over his life. Tony’s been a polarising character from the first moment he burst on to the martial arts scene, never shying away from the facts in regard to his history or skill level.. he kept with it and his skill level started to try and catch up with the gargantuan personality… I’ve personally always said to anyone who knocked him, “meet him first, then tell me your opinion”.

He’s been very public with his battle with cancer and as we discuss on the show, he’s in no way ready to roll over just yet.

I’ve often said Tony’s like marmite.. I’m hoping this show will be to your taste.. and if not, wash your mouth out afterwards!!!

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