This shows star is a bit of an enigma, he’s an accomplished writer, raconteur, martial artist, motivational speaker, NLP expert and generally awesome individual.. but enough about me, let’s talk about who I’m chatting too.. LOL as they say in cyber space.. these adjectives can also be used as labels for my guest this episode. I first became aware of this gent back in the late ’80s from some of the articles he wrote for some of the various martial arts magazines that were ridiculously successful back in the day. He was the first guy I actually read about in regard to martial arts and Neurolinguistic Programming and that led me down a very interesting path personally.. I’ve been after this guy for years as a guest and I should mention we speak very fondly about Sifu Richard Bustillo in this show, and this was literally days before news of his untimely passing. I don’t usually dedicate shows, but this is an exception .. I’d like to dedicate this to not only Sifu Richard, but to the other star of the show.. a man who has loyally supported and promoted IMB martial arts and continues too.. ladies and gents may I give you..

Mr Andy Gibney.

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