Road Trip

Well, what can I say about this episodes guest? If I said he’s a legit legend in martial arts you could argue, “but mick, you interview legends all the time”. So if I said, this weeks guest is a modern day Jim Harrison (google him!).. an adventurer, a historian, a publisher, the first world Silat champion, a member of the dirty dozen(one of the first twelve non Brazillian’s to attain a black belt), the father of Bjj in Australasia, one of the top five teachers I’ve ever met in any sphere, and finally a man I’m honoured to call a friend as well as mentor and inspiration.. the one and only John B Will.

I first met John at Geoff Thompson’s insistence as they had been longtime pen pals, yep.. written letters! Geoff being a huge inspiration on me had told me that JBW was a man who changed lives, and believe me he was not wrong, following John’s advice led me on my journey and love affair with Bjj. This was one of my favourite ever shows..I hope it’ll be one of yours too.

Finally, I’d like to just thank John for everything he’s brought into my life, our friendship and advice have helped me navigate through so many perilous moments, and ironically only a small percentage of those were on the mat.

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