Shifted Skills

Sometimes it’s good to let a guest speak for themselves on the show, if they can get a word in edgeways, but for the first time ever I’m going to let the guest own words be the intro.. we don’t even talk about sports really in this, but a recent Facebook status he posted will illustrate just how adroit this returning guest is.. in fact I’m hoping to catch him every time we meet up, as he constantly enlightens me with his, with this status gem from Guro Christopher Harley to initially whet your appetite first.. enjoy the show!

“What’s that you say? You’re never watching the NFL again or supporting the organization in any way? Wow. That’s quite the sacrifice in the name of principles. That sure says a lot about your character. Finally couldn’t be part (however ancillary) of supporting an organization which repeatedly stands by – or covers up – when players or coaches or staff are involved in crimes involving serious harm to others? Or was it the role the organization played in actively stifling & ignoring studies related to CTE – thus becoming complicit in actively harming the players (as well as shirking any responsibility for those harmed)? No. None of that? Oh, it’s the folks breaking no laws, harming nobody and challenging your ideas of nationalism, patriotism & human rights… Hmmm… Yeah… That sure does say a lot about your character. So… Just gonna stick w/College football from now on? No problems w/the ways the NCAA has essentially made the players indentured servants? You’ve never given it a second thought. Interesting. Ever thought of teaching ethics? I mean, we all have so much to learn from you & the example you set. Thanks for sharing.

Side note: Fuck. Now I have to stop watching football. I’m sure I’ll get over it, in time… Look at that, I’m already over it. That was fast. Well, I still have the NBA and my home team Golden State Warriors! At least that distraction is free of controversy. What’s that? Fuck. Me. Really? Can’t a guy who has absolutely nothing to do w/the sports/teams he likes, & has zero impact upon, just enjoy a series of pointless contests as a distraction from the lack of civility of civilization?! Fine, I’ll just play video games. Huh? What? What’s “Gamer-gate”? Seriously?! Oh, come on! I feel so persecuted.

This post brought to you by Too Much Time On My Hands. Too Much Time On My Hands: Nothing useful comes from it; but, it beats getting lost staring into the mystery that is life and forgetting to move the laundry into the dryer.”