Mental Health

Well, where do I start with this episodes guest?

How about we start with the fact this gent is legitimately one of the toughest men I’ve ever encountered, a true student of the sweet science and someone who worked for years as a door man and was a mainstay of top ‘teams’ supplying security through the infamous ‘rave culture’ era. He was also one of the first guys I met that was intelligently training and mixing the arts in the early days of mma. A sparring partner of Jeff “the snowman” Monson and a longtime private student of the legendary Braulio Estima… and someone who took pity on your favourite podcaster when watching me getting swamped in my early days of Bjj and took me under his wing, something I’ll be eternally grateful for btw.

We talk training, but more importantly we delve into the often ignored issue of mental health and specifically in men and men in combat sports. This is literally one of the most affecting shows I’ve done personally.. ladies and gents,
I give you Mr Brian Collier!

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