What’s a podcast?

A podcast is basically a radio show on demand and you can listen through any device that connects to the internet.  Which means the thing you’re using right now.  If you want to listen to the latest episode just click here.

Subscribe? Does that cost money?

Subscribing is just like when you select series link on the TV.  It means that the next episode downloads ready for you to hear as soon as it comes out on a Friday.

I love the theme music. Who’s playing?

That’s Katalina Kicks.  They rock.  You can find out more all about them at KatalinaKicks.com

Can I be on it?

If you do martial arts, you can do the voiceover!  Get in touch here.  Alternatively if you want to talk about your training, get in touch and we’ll send Mick down to train with you!

Isn’t he that bloke off the telly?

Well quite possibly, both Ant and Mick have had brief flirtations with light entertainment.  Most recently Mick was on The Chase…

Is that a cop show?

No. It’s a gameshow.

So what was the cop show he was in then?

He wasn’t.  You’re thinking of Michael Chiklis.

But Mick’s real name is Michael isn’t it?

Yes… but they are two different people with two different surnames.  And careers.  And lives.  Etc.

Oh.  Was he the guy on that “How Safe Is Your House?” show?

Er, no, that was Dominic Littlewood.

So who’s this other bloke then?  Where’s his pictures?

Ant is the producer so you don’t really see or hear him.  Otherwise the show might be called Mixed Martial Ant’s.

That’s funny!  It’s a bit like Mixed Martial Arts but a play on words.  You should have thought of that when you named this show…

You’re an idiot.